Monday, May 25, 2009

What's behind your facebook update?

It's raining, for the 6th day in a row. It's Monday, with a week of chaos ahead. The day started poorly and went downhill from there. You slogged through it, dragged your sorry self back to the ranch after 10 hours in the office, and for some reason (narcissistic tendencies, maybe, or simply a need to share), you log on to facebook.

Now, you're faced with a decision. Do you post how crappy your life seems right now - which could potentially alarm your friends, co-workers, or even relatives (while secretly delighting the enemies you have friended) - or do you come up with a half-truth that hides your deeper issues?

Do you choose:

"God, my life sucks. I'm miserable at the moment."


"Had a long day. Glad to be home."

The answer to this question probably reveals some deep personal psychological tendencies. A grant-funded study opportunity if ever there was one.

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