Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Flashback to the 90's

While moving furniture this past weekend, I was forced to empty my hope chest of all of my photo albums. That, of course, meant that I had look through a few of them and experience the inevitable pangs of loneliness and nostalgia as I looked back on times when I had lots of friends nearby. Nearby meaning in the dorm room next to me. But aside from strengthening my resolve to get back to my college weight (which wasn't all that great then, but better than now), and reminding me just how long my hair used to be, there were a few moments of laugh-out-loud recall:

A picture of yours truly in a high-school one-act (I think it was called Of Widows and Vegetables - I can't believe I remember that!), wearing purple tights, a white floral prom-type dress and yellow lace up high heels. That character's name was Wench. Priceless. And no, that one's staying in the album, thank you very much.

A photo of me and my roommates, dressed up as if we were going to a college dance. We were going to the grocery store. We laughed for hours.

Two of my friends and I in our "bitch pants" which we bought in England. We thought were so hot.

But the best, by far, was this one:

My fabulous Geneva apartment with...wait for it...a giant Val Kilmer poster next to the calendar. And not Top Gun Val. Island of Dr. Moreau Val. Genius. I'd forgotten about my Val Kilmer phase. I always prided myself on being an Iceman fan rather than a Maverick fan. Even then my intuition about Tom Cruise was dead on.

It was a fun little journey back in time. I should move furniture more often.


  1. i'm cleaning my room & re-arranging my closet just because of you.

    that means we both know who to blame tomorrow if I find more dust bunnies than awesome pictures.


  2. HA! I was just thinking about dressy grocery shopping the other night! The things we had to do to entertain ourselves in Waterville. Hope you are rocking Chicago! :)