Sunday, August 30, 2009

Adventures in conservative talk radio, continued: I listend to Rush...briefly.

On August 18th, a friend challenged me to listen to 2 weeks of conservative talk radio, instead of NPR. I'm on day 12.

Managed to catch a bit of Rush Limbaugh on my way back from a work meeting the other day. Just enough to hear him say how much he hopes Obama fails, because Obama's failure will be good for America. Also to hear him say that the communists are coming to take your freedoms.

I have 3 more days on this journey, and I'm determined to stick it out. But I will freely admit that I am not persuaded by the talking heads of talk radio. I have learned some things (especially about personal finance). But I have also had some fairly scary revelations about the increasingly wide gap between right and left in this country. It makes me sad.

More later.

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