Thursday, January 21, 2010

Big questions, no little answers...

I don't quite understand how people can pay attention to the news and not be torn apart inside by the hugeness and difficulty of the issues we face.  As my dad would say, I just need to relax and not let it bother me.  But I'm not sure how.  Here are some of the questions I have for the world at large:

1.  How can you possibly build a city that will withstand a 7+ earthquake? 

2.  Do you think a female candidate who'd been pictured naked in a centerfold would have been embraced as the

3.  I heard last week that one reason the health care bill is a failure is because, if it passed, suddenly more people would have health care, and we don't have enough medical personnel to treat them.  Which is more important, giving some care to more people or giving more care to some people? 

4.  Is a corporation the same as a person, with the same need for protection of his/her/its rights?

Yoiks, I don't even know where to begin.  Perhaps it's time to bust out a "brain-relaxing" crossword puzzle. 

Yeah, that'll fix everything. 

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