Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Why I should never blog on election nights...

I've been writing this blog entry for 20 minutes now.

It was a rant.  About voter turnout.  And political advertising.  And the absolute pile of crap that we are fed by the media and campaign managers and pundits.  Every. Single. Day. 

It's a good thing I erased it.  It won't solve anything, and will just make me lose sleep over who I may have offended. 

I take comfort in knowing that this is still my country.  And that the politicians elected tonight, D or R or in between, more often than not, do not speak for me and my values.  And that there are millions of others like me.

I'm just pissed they didn't vote.


  1. As another Arkansan, I can't understand why we felt the need to amend the AR constitution to include an absolute right to hunt, while simultaneously outing tour senator that heads the Ag committee. Seems kind of self-defeating, as we're an ag state. Hmm.